We explore the outer reaches of the infamous suburbs of the San Fernando Valley

I thought Weston and I had been most everywhere in the Southland, but a closer study yielded massive gaps in our coverage - most notably the western reaches of the San Fernando valley.

So we flew to Burbank, spent the night, and caught an Uber for the hour drive out to Newbury Park. It's almost rural this far west of the San Fernando Valley.

We spent the first day navigating the infinite hills and suburbs of the far western reaches of the San Fernando Valley.

We had the unique experience of paying our respects at the location of the recent mass shooting at a restaurant in Thousand Oaks.

Night fell quickly and we found ourselves cold and stuck on a windy mountain road. We slowly made our way down the hill and enjoyed a gourmet meal near our hotel.

Day 2 took us through much more densely populated suburbs including Reseda and Van Nuys. It was actually a pretty interesting place, although it's astounding the car culture that runs this place. Nobody walks here, although there were some road bikers.

We ended the adventure by running through North Hollywood, which is a bit more of an urban jungle, which is fun for us. We watched soccer games, ate mexican food, had some flat tires, and easily made our flight home from Burbank airport! 

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November 2018

Newbury Park, CA

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