The World's Most Beautiful Bike Path

In this Prior Adventure, we extreme baby jog on the world's most beautiful bike path, about an hour west of Portland between the city of Banks and Vernonia.

We love Portland. Everyone loves Portland. What’s not to love about Portland?

We have been several times and even ran around it once. If you haven’t been, go.

But you know what? We are a bit bored of Portland. So when we booked our latest Oregon adventure, it was with the intent of getting out of town as quickly as possible.

Because if you take the Trimet west… and go by the Nike headquarters. And go by the Intel hadquarters. And keep going through thefields and the wineries. You get to the village of Banks.

And just outside of Banks is 21 miles of the most picturesque,meandering, smooth bike path imaginable. It is truly the holy grail for those who seek such things.

And we did it. We did it all. We savored every last gorgeous foot. And before we knew it, we arrived in the slightly less picturesque city of Vernonia. The end of the line, where we welcomed with good food and a homey B&B.

The plan for the nextday was to take another, much less-established, gravel former rail path backtowards Portland. But we lost our October weather gamble when a big storm moved in a little early. With a long remote route planned, Weston and I decided our safety net wasn’t quite wide enough for low 40’s and heavy rain. So we ate our fill of bacon, swallowed our pride, and got a ride back toward the city.

But does this city know how to have fun in the rain! We visited Weston’s favorite Playdate PDX indoor playground, we ate like kings,and we even ran a few miles of the Portland marathon course before heading backto the airport for our flight home.

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October 2018

Banks, OR

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Vernonia, OR