Central California

We extreme baby jog across Central California, going from San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria.

Weston and I had to make a last minute detour from our previously planned adventure in China to plan a beautiful and rewarding route through Central California.

After a 4 hour drive to San Luis Obipso, we stayed overnight in our van, which was entertaining in itself.

Our first day took us on country roads south from downtown San Luis Obipos over a small series of hills with great views. Wineries were everywhere.

Day 1 lunch was in Arroyo Grande, a small town south Pismo Beach.

Alas, we got caught by the sunset and couldn't find a suitable road to make it to our hotel, so we ended up waiting for a bus to finish the last 5 miles to Santa Maria. It was cold.

Our 2nd day was less eventful, as we made a big loop tour of Santa Maria, checking out the agriculture scene that surrounds this surprisingly large town.

After 2 days, 48 miles, and 2500' of climbing, we took an uber back to SLO and made our way home.

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January 2019

San Luis Obispo, CA

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Santa Maria, CA