New York Showers

In this Prior Adventure, we take on Manhattan during a massive rainstorm. Progress was slow, but energy was high.

We had big plans for this trip.

After completing a successful 110 mile run across the biggest city in the world (Guangzhou-Hong Kong) in March, we throught it appropriate to take on the largest city in the US: New York.

I have a decent familiarity with NYC from previous travels and a decent network of friends scattered around the area, so was able to finally engineer a route that would take us through some interesting places, touch all 5 boroughs, and allow us to catch up with some fun people in the evenings.

You know what they say about the best laid plans....

It all started really nicely with an easy trip (via an overnight in Chicago) to the Westchester Airport, near White Plains about 30 miles north of Manhattan. For there we ran through some nice rural housing areas and connected with the pleasant Bronx River Trail.

Our friends, Igor and Mila, live in Hartsdale with their two cute children. We celebrated their birthday and had a fun evening and comfy bed. Weston was really happy to have a friend to play with.

However, things changed dramatically the next morning when we awoke to terrible weather: mid-40's and a steady driving rain. If your just going for a workout, these conditions can be ideal as you warm yourself up by working hard. A long, slow job with a 3-year old is a completely different game, though, as you have to ensure they stay warm and you are stopping frequently for safety and logistics, so you can easily get very cold very quickly. To compound problems, we generally only travel with one backup outfit for warming up in the eveing, so couldn't simply get dry with new clothes.

Luckily, this is not our first rain storm, so Weston had the right gear, including a custom built insulated rain blanket. I however, couldn't manage my temperature consistently. Since we were in the Bronx, we had access to a lot of laundromats!

We eventually gave up and took a train into Manhattan. Of course, that's not the worst place to be stuck in a rain storm.

We played bingo.....

Hung out with some old (and new) friends at a tiny French cafe on the Lower East Side.

And eventually found an indoor playground in Brooklyn! 

We eventually left NYC a few hours early on our 3rd day in town. Our total distance was a paltry 30 miles. Not much of an adventure.

This was the first time we had to, effectively, give up completely on an adventure due to weather. I am not sure if being in such a big city contributed to this as it made it so easy. Conversely, it would have been pretty terrible, and possibly dangerous, to be in an isolated place in such conditions. The experience certainly created a new baseline for acceptable conditions for extreme baby jogging.

However, it did not quench our thirst to fully master NYC, so we will have to return!

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