Florida Folly

A pleasant romp through coastal Florida turns rough as temperatures spike.

Sure, I said. It seemed so simple. Where do all Americans goin February? Florida. Let’s go do that. 3 days. 75 miles. No problem. We’ll flyinto Palm Beach, on the north end of the Gold Coast and run down to Miami. Havea fruity cocktail. Eat a Cubano. Buy some art. You know, Miami.

And things started so well too. After landing, we ran by DonaldTrumps militarized golf resort, got kicked off the grounds of a mansion and generallytried to absorb the weird world into which we had arrived.

We navigated the storm, which was a welcome respite from the heat. We crossed the tracks to a very different economic scene, but found the people to be much kinder. In Palm Beach, when you stop to change a flat they yell at you. In Boynton Beachthey offer an umbrella when it rains.

We even found a children’s museum celebrating Florida history,including the story of the shoeless mailman who tranversed these same roads 150 years ago to deliver the mail to grow beach colonies. Eventually, after 12hours and 35 hard miles, we pulled into Boca Raton tired, happy, and ready to celebrate

Day 2, however, was a very different story. Temperatures spikes into the lower 90’s, humidity was high, and these frail Californians were exhausted from the previous days huge effort.

So, sometimes the adventures requires that you spend a bit of time on the beach!

As the evening arrived and temperatures decreased, we began to feel human again. With minimal daytime progress and many miles to the evening’s destination in Ft. Lauderdale, we took advantage of the balmy night to transform into swarthy night runners. As much as I dislike humidity, it was quite enjoyable to relax and embrace the warm, thick night air – a treat we never get out West.

We were tired and sick the next day, so decided to take the morning off and play around a bit before flying home. This meant we wouldn’t fully complete our planned adventure and would end our route within sight of the taunting Miami skyline. This was a hard pill to swallow, but the cost of underestimating the Gold Coast and overestimating our capabilities. We hope to return soon to the more urban parts of this crazy region to explore even more.

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February 2019

West Palm Beach, Florida

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida